Grand Bend Youth Baseball Association


Kids of all sizes and genders are welcome on our teams.  Do not worry about skill levels, our coaches have the patience of angels.  Team sports are a great way of making new friends, challenging ones self and reaching for shared goals.  Life lessons are learned by not only winning but more importantly in learning how to lose gracefully with honor and dignity.


Registration Fees for 2016


Category              Born                     Fee            Add $50.00 if Late

                                                                           Registration After

Tee Ball              2011, 2012              $35.00          March 5th

Minor Rookie      2009, 2010              $85.00

Major Rookie      2007, 2008              $120.00

Mosquito            2005, 2006              $120.00

Peewee              2003, 2004              $120.00

Bantam               2001, 2002              $120.00