Denny’s Drive-In

Grand Bend


Hot Dogs & Burgers


Hot Dog    $2.65

Foot Long    $4.85


Quarter Pound Hamburger $4.90

Quarter Pound Cheese Burger $5.55

Double Hamburger  $6.95

Double Cheese Burger  $7.60


Chicken Burger   $6.25

Fish Burger    $6.15


Denny’s French Fries


Mini Fries   $2.25

Small Fries   $4.15

Large Fries   $5.15

Large Fries with Gravy $6.05

Cup of Gravy     $.95


Mini Poutine  $3.85

Small Poutine  $5.65

Large Poutine  $6.95


Mini Ranch Fries  $3.60

Ranch Fries   $5.15


More Food….


7 Chicken Breast Nuggets $4.80

6 Mozzarella Sticks  $6.95

6 Dill Pickle Spears  $4.95


Haddock Fish & Chips

1 piece with fries   $7.25

2 pieces with fries   $10.75

3 pieces with fries   $13.95

1 piece of fish on its own  $3.95


Shrimp & Chips   $11.95

Just Shrimp    $9.15


Side of Coleslaw   $1.35


Ice Cream Cones


Baby - $1.95

Small - $2.75

Large - $3.40

Chocolate - Vanilla - Half & Half

Small Dipped Cone  $3.30

Large Dipped Cone $3.95

Chocolate Dip Extra $.55 cents



Small Cup - $3.45

Tall Cup - $4.10

Hot Fudge

Hot Caramel






























































Medium Fountain Beverage  $2.35

Large Fountain Beverage  $2.85

Free Re-fills on Fountain Beverages

Soft Drink Cans   $1.95

Juice Bottles    $3.25

Vitamin Water   $3.25

Dasani Water   $2.25

Small Milk     $1.70

Large Milk     $2.65

Milk Shakes     $3.65


Denny’s Drive-In is a Grand Bend tradition.

A summertime favourite for Locals and Visitors alike, this 1950’s style Drive-In Restaurant has a long standing reputation for serving great food and the best Fresh-cut French Fries in Grand Bend.  Denny’s is the perfect place for family and friends to get together in a relaxed, informal patio atmosphere.  Fan Favourites include Poutine, Denny's Very Own "Ranch Fries", 100% All Beef Burgers, Hot Dogs, Foot Longs, Fish & Chips, Shrimp & Chips, Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Deep Fried Dill Pickle Spears.  For dessert, we offer soft serve ice-cream in a selection of Sundaes & Cones.

Open Weekends from  April till Thanksgiving, 7 days from late June until Labour Day, Summer Hours:  11:30am till 9:00pm . Patio Dining or Take-out. Debit, Visa & Mastercard accepted

86 Ontario St. S. (Hwy 21), Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0

(519) 701-5808

 A visit to Grand Bend is not complete without a visit to Denny’s