Dining Locations

Dining in Grand Bend and area is fantasticWe have the most amazing variety of eating establishments to satisfy every appetite.  Are you interested in fine dining, roadhouse, pub or counter service? Pickerel, filet, caesar salads, pancakes, burritos, burgers and fries, onion rings, ice cream are all available. Travel a couple minutes out of town, down in the Harbour area, out on Highway 21 or down Main Street Grand Bend.   You pick your cuisine and enjoy – oh and boy oh boy it is all good!  These restaurants all represent us well, give them a try.  Meal times are busy, you would be well served to call and get a reservation where possible.

Due to an unfortunate fire, F.I.N.E. A Restaurant has temporarily closed.  The new Fine that Rises From the Ashes will be so fantastic that you will have difficulty getting a reservation.