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We are Grand Bend Based Travel Consultants who have a lot of Disney experience. We can book any sort of travel for you anywhere in the world. We are a sub contractor of the London Ontario Expedia cruiseshipcenters office. We have 15 years experience in promoting Grand Bend as the owners of We have 36 years of experience visiting farms leasing land for oil exploration. We will come to your home to consult about your upcoming travel Adventure. Our services are completely free to you. Small charge only if we book your flights. or

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Walt Disney World®  My personal story of our time at Disney World.  by Bruce Elliott


I offer these pages as a guide for those of you who wish to learn a little bit more about Disney World in order to make it a more perfect holiday for when you travel to the Magic Kingdom.  We have not done everything available in Disney World but I have been there a time or two and I know how to make our holiday a little more fun.  You can take what information you like to help plan your trip or just read it for simple fun.  Planning for Disney is half the fun, the rest is going there.


We can help you plan your trip for the maximum fun at no cost to you.  I will meet with your family and show you what Disney has to offer then take your information to our offices and take the time to book as many items as we can for you.  I like to book meals in great spots as a Plan A - if you follow the plan you will always be in the best place for dinner for your family.  If you find it necessary to change your plan for the day go ahead and eat somewhere else.  There is nothing written in stone!



We book all kinds of holidays to all kinds of locations all around the world.  If you give us a call we can start planning an adventure for you.