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Morimotto Orlando - Disney Springs - July 2016 -

Third visit to Morimotto's this year. It was bright outside which took away from the spectacular ambience. I recommend dining when the light from the ceiling makes it look so striking in the dining room so wait until dark. As they don't use table cloths it needs a little bit more. I do not remember music playing as background when it was playing last couple of times. Charles our waiter was really nice. The most popular dish in the restaurant apparently are the ribs. They are side ribs that literally fall off the bone. They are crispy and bathed in hoisin sauce and sweet chili sauce. The har gow and shumai were both great. The sushi was ok. It was called spider roll made with crab. Usually in most sushi places there is shredded crab on the outside of the roll covered with drizzed spicy mayo on outside as they do it at Splitsville. Here it was only six pieces and nothing outside the rice. I called Charles over and he said that the spicy mayo was spread evenly inside the roll. It was not able to be tasted. Boring sushi. Chicken fried rice was good. I had a rib eye steak. It was very tender and was great. It could have been fantastic if they had seasoned it with salt and pepper. They did not provide salt and pepper so it was kind of boring. One note: at the end of the steak was a knob of solid fat about the size of a child's fist. Most unsettling and a rip off for a $55.00 steak. The pad Thai was great. All in all a nice meal but we think that we will give it a pass for a couple of visits.



The Boathouse Restaurant - Disney Springs - July 2016


I have previously reviewed this fine establishment. Our most recent experience was fantastic. We ate in the private party room which seats about 100 people and is just beautiful. The room was full of wood paneling and beautiful lamps hanging from the ceiling, paintings and photos. Our server was a petite lady from Equador named Samantha I believe. She and all of the other staff were among the best that I have seen. The food was fantastic. Everything was perfect. All of the food was enjoyed by all. A huge selection of different oysters to try all priced individually. The shrimp cocktail can be ordered individually. They were fresh beyond belief. The steamed lobster at $29.00 was a real treat. The only problem with dinner was that the bun on the steak sandwich was soaked and could not be picked up. We have now made a pact that we will come here for dinner each time that we return to Disney. Yum.

The Boathouse Restaurant - Disney Springs - October 2015


Boathouse Restaurant is down in Disney Landing right by Fulton's Crab House. I think that this establishment will thin out the crowds at Fulton's - as they say competition is always good. The entrance leads you to a raw bar where you can view the oysters and clams. From there they will lead you to your seats inside or out on the expansive outdoor patio. We went in to the right and were seated near the entrance to the kitchen. It was not intrusive in any way. We had a great view and the wide windows let in lots of light. The boat theme is really neat to look at. One boat is actually converted into a table for 6 right in the middle of the front room. Its running lights are still on. The servers are plentiful with food runners and bus people cleaning tables. The server was friendly and knowledgeable about the food and drinks and made recommendations. The bread served with butter was excellent. We tried some apps, main course and dessert. They had a little difficulty with the filet. It came out raw, then blue, then blue again. Then they switched to a new steak and it was blue as well then was returned perfect. It was frustrating but boy did I smile when I saw that they did not charge me for it. Unbelievable great service. The fresh shrimp cocktail that I ordered 4 shrimp of were very large and very fresh. It was served loose in a bed of ice in a cool bowl. The cocktail sauce was mild with a side dash of hot horseradish. As you mixed the two together you were responsible for how hot it became. I know, a rather boring app but in fact exactly what I was craving and I enjoyed it a lot. The Caesar salad was pronounced to be very good. The crab cake was ordered as a main course and it was very large and contained much more lump crab than stuffing and it was pan fried and only very lightly. It was excellent. I am sure that my spouse had the scallops but they are not showing on the main menu so they must have been a daily special which they do offer. I had the Baked Stuffed Crab Lobster. It was cooked perfectly, not too much which hardens the lobster. I loved it and would order it again. They have a great variety of offerings from huge steaks to fresh seafood to salads and large sides to share. They do not look askance if you just order an app and a side for dinner. The service is excellent. The bill was quite reasonable for what we had. We had the Smores Baked Alaska for four for dessert. It was a WOW dessert. It stood two feet tall and was enough to serve 8. It had chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits, nuts, thick buttery graham cracker crust, and smothered in marshmellow, sprinkled chocolate and chocolate wafers lying in a chocolate sauce. It was unbelievably good. You need to try this restaurant for dinner or maybe just evening drinks out on the patio. You will not be disappointed.



The Boathouse Restaurant - Disney Springs - October 2015  “Wow, Must Do!!”


Where to start with this new restaurant in Disney Landing, Disney Springs? To make your life easier look for Cook's of Dublin and Ragland Road and Morimoto Asia is right next door. Make a reservation. Present yourself to the desk as you come in. They will text you when your table is ready and you wait outside where there is plenty of places to sit and watch the patio entertainment at Cook's. When you enter the restaurant your first impression is WOW by the almost floor to ceiling two story chandeliers. They are long and stringy. The bar area have little chairs that are about a foot above floor level - for children or drinking Sake. The restaurant is two levels. The main kitchen is one whole glass wall of the downstairs part and I understand that the Sushi bar is upstairs. We sat right in front of the glass wall and watched all of the excitement. The precision with which they worked was excellent. The head chef supervised, the rows of chefs performed tasks on a variety of Asian cooking devices. There was a kitchen supervisor making sure that the orders came out properly garnished and on time. He kept the flow of food coming out. They had food runners that ran things up to the second floor by a back stairwell and downstairs as well. The dishes going out to the tables looking amazing. Everything seemed to be cooked from scratch. The sushi coming downstairs was beautiful and some plates were bowls filled with plants and flowers to decorate fish flowers etc. So pretty. The multi level serving dish for the seafood platter was glorious. We tried several appetizers to get a feel of how they prepared things that everyone can do. We had the pork egg roll which was presented cut in half and standing on its end with a lovely dipping sauce. We had pork dumplings that were so fresh in a steamer with a wonderful taste. We had Singapore Laksa noodles which is like a coconut soup with curry and chicken meatballs and noodles and a half a marinating egg. It was so wonderful tasting but we could not finish our entre. One of the biggest hits of the night was a simple dish that was so bright with flavours that pleased us was Spicy Thai Basil Fried Rice. We all loved it. We enjoyed the shrimp tempura sushi so much that every little bit was eaten without a second thought. The servers were excellent. The drinks might need a little bit of a review but they were tasty for specialty drinks. The selection of Sake was amazing, do a flight. We had an MSG issue so the manager spent a lot of time working with us. He took that order individually and presented it to the chef and he prepared it separately for us. Did we get an msg reaction - well yes unfortunately but it was not for lack of trying on their part. They certainly did their best. One little highlight was the magician that came to our table. He works the room three nights a week. He was unbelieveably good. Did we have a fun night out - we certainly did. Would we return to try different dishes from ribs in Hoisin Sauce to Peking Duck, darn right. Would we recommend this restaurant to other - absolutely. Put this in your list of places to try on your visit to Disney. They take Tables in Wonderland.



STK Orlando - Disney Springs - July 2016


I have been looking forward to STK and was disappointed that they delayed their opening past my last trip to Orlando. Apparently they had to restaff for the actual opening. I knew that there would be loud music playing from my reading and that was confirmed by the location of the DJ and turntables in the main dining room but it was really loud and turned off the rest of my people at our table. We discussed it and I was the only one who enjoyed the music. However during our meal I did see feet tapping, heads bobbing and words being mouthed. The level of music discouraged people from ordering big entrees so that we could leave earlier. The Scallop app was very tasty but at that price was only two on the plate. The cold king crab leg app was beautifully presented in a neat raised bowl filled with ice. It was two pieces of a leg - with the shell cut and peeled away exposing the meat for $26.00. It came with two dips. (The next night at Boathouse an entire steamed lobster was 18.00 for the cold app and $29.00 for the hot whole lobster entree). I asked the server helper who delivered the dish what was in the dips. He suggested the one was cocktail sauce and the other was horseradish sauce. I asked if I was supposed to mix the two? He said that was up to me. Moments later he reappeared and said that the white sauce was actually mustard and mayo. I ordered sparkling water. Two smaller bottles were delivered and plopped on the table saying that they had run out of big bottles. I called the waiter back and asked if they served their sparkling water in warm bottles unopened without ice? She said yes in fact that is how it is served and did I want some ice? Really? We asked the gent who came to the table what his favourite cuts of beef were and surprisingly he named the two most expensive cuts in the house. Because it was unique to my experience I took his advice and ordered the 14 oz bone in filet. I ordered it med rare at $51.00. When it arrived it was black and blue. The bone was burned and the crust was black but the half inch into the side of the steak was med rare. The rest of it was blue and the meat at the bone was uncooked at all. The Mac and cheese was enjoyed. We were not drinking fast and we were visited three times asking if our cocktails could be refilled. Concern or upselling? We left without dessert heading to Ghiardelli's. Did I enjoy it - no. Will I return No! Am I cool - I guess not! I can live with that.


Ragland Road - Disney Springs - July 2016


Enjoyed recent dinner at Ragland Road in the newly energized Disney Springs. We really enjoyed the Irish Music and then the Irish dancers a lot. The entertainment was pretty much non stop. Some of the kids that they brought up on the stage got to show off their years of lessons in front of a appreciative crowd. I had the fish and chips as I am trying to avoid MSG. The fish was good, the chips were a little greasy as all the oil fell to the bottom of the cone of paper that it was served in. The chips were fine, not fantastic. The Smoked Salmon is actually a square of fish not the usual kind that you get with lox, but rather a lovely piece of meaty fish with the unmistakable taste of smoke. My son had the Green Pea Rissotto with chicken. Most unusual combination, being bright green and all and he loved it. He had the Bread Pudding as it was recommended so high. We both thought that it was superb. Well worth a try with hard caramel sauce and crème fraiche (sp). Read over the menu, it is really fun and interesting. Watching the plates go by and you know that lots of care has been made to present fun items to the customer. The drinks were cold and pricey, the beer selection was vast and overall we enjoyed the night a lot. Fair warning - you cannot move easily to the outdoor patio with the live entertainment. There is usually a full hour wait and the staff cannot move you, you have to register at the front door and stand in line.


2009-08-19 - We went to the Ragland Road Irish Pub on Disneys West Side -  more or less Pleasure Island - and had a good dinner.  We booked 180 days in advance and when we got to the desk there was lots of room in the main area of the dining room where the entertainment would be happening.  We booked for a time when the entertainment would be performing.  They have a couple of guys who play Irish music and accompany the Celtic dancer.  We were 5 and that seemed to create a problem for them.  We waited a long time while many walk ups were taken first.  It was frustrating.  Finally we were seated in a booth with no view of the entertainment, dark and no view of anything in fact.  I immediately asked to be moved so that we could see the entertainment.  She said that she would ask at the podium and see if we could be moved.  She said that we could move to the side of the room to watch the entertainment when our dinner was done.  They did not come back.  Our waiter was great and very enthusiastic but he did not offer to move us.  So we ordered but I was still perturbed.  I finally asked to see the manager.  Once I explained what had happened he said that they always try to seat those who want to see the entertainment in the main part of the room.  I told him that I had gone to the washroom and had seen 8 different tables that we could have been seated at with little rearrangement.  He immediately said that he would see what could be done.  Our food arrived while he was away.  The entertainment came on and left while we could not see.  He returned with several staff members and they picked up our drinks and food and moved us to great seats.  We got a new waiter who was also wonderful.  I asked for the first server to be sent over and tipped him and I tipped the new server as well.  We saw the entertainment and enjoyed our dinner and our Irish experience.  I would say that they bent over backwards once we spoke to the manager.  The food was good and the drinks plentiful.  Unfortunately the Celtic dancer was only on for a couple of minutes (one song) an hour and it was hardly worth the effort.  The guitar players were very good.



Beaches and Cream Restaurant - Beach Club Resort - “Try the kitchen sink!”


5 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 October 2014


The burgers and sandwiches here are really good and with lots of quantity and will you up. But leave room for the desserts. The kitchen sink is a huge sharing sundae that has everything in it and is not very expensive. What a treat.



Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge - worth a try.  It was very very good.  The  big thing in Disney right now is something that I cannot get my head around.  Braised short ribs is just pot roast to me.  I am not going to pay 43.00 for pot roast.  I just don't get it but it is offered everywhere.  I had the Grilled Wild Boar Tenderloin as an app.  Such a tiny portion for 17.00 but it was so good and the sauce that it was in was worth the money alone.  I dipped the bread in it until it was gone.  I had the tenderloin and it was very good but I don't find that there is enough flavour in tenderloin.  Personal preferences.

On New Years Eve we went to Chefs de France at Epcot.  The dinner was so very great.  The service was excellent and our server was heading back to France the next day.  French onion soup was light broth, tons of cheese and very good.  The escargot is fine herbs and butter and was so good.  I had the Coquille St. Jacques and it was not what I remembered with a creamy sauce and mashed potatoes on top but rather an open bowl with scallops and shrimp so good with a butter sauce with provinciale spices and a tiny bit of sliced potato.  Very very good.  The bread was fantastic.  Profiteroles au chocolate and Creme Brule were outstanding.  The ambience is tight service, beautiful surroundings and excellent food.  Very good.  I had a hair in my fist mouthful of Creme Brule.  It was wisked away and replaced in one minute and taken off the bill with an apology from the service manager.  What a great restaurant.

California Grill at Top of Contemporary Resort.  Do your self a favour and eat here.  Try to get dinner time for the time of the fireworks and watch them from the new and newly rebuilt viewing platforms.  Piped in music and view are outrageous.  Ask for Walt to be your server.  He has worked there for 19 years and he is one of the best waiters that I have ever seen.  He knows his food, he treats everyone as a special person and he will do anything to make this the best meal you have ever had.  I had the shrimp which were very good.  Small order.  We started by being introduced to the chef who is a Merit Award winner, he wears a blue name tag.  He brought us a Terrene of King Crab with lemon foam and cavier.  I loved it.  Then we ordered three different sushi rolls.  They were way too big but way too good.  We had the Dragon Roll - share this.  We had the Spicy Kazan Roll and we shared this.  We ordered the Pork Belly Nigri - too much food for one person, so good.  This fillet is always the best in Disney.  I had the scallops with French curry spice with a squash ravioli under neath the scallops.  In fact we had three orders of the scallops and we all thought that it was some of the best food ever.  We shared warm home made fritters with three dipping sauces, choosing the caramel with rock salt the best.  We shared a Creme Brule and it was so good.  Eat here, forget about the price.  The renovations were gorgeous.  The room has been opened up but the chefs are all still in the open so that you can watch your food being prepared.  Will return here again.


California Grill - Top of the Contemporary Resort - This is the closest restaurant to Magic Kingdom with the best view of the fireworks.  We book for a 7:30 dinner.  You are done eating by 9 and fireworks can be anywhere from 9:00 to 9:45 depending on the season.  If you finish early you can wait in the bar area and they don't try to push you out.  Go out on the roof of the hotel it is very safe and listen to the music as you watch the fireworks.  It is too cool.

The food here is so varied and wonderful that you will have trouble deciding.  I picked the Red Snapper because I have never had red snapper before and thought that this would be the perfect place to try something new because it couldnt be cooked any better.  I loved it.  They have suishi that is great.  Their steak was unbelieveable, DS gave me a taste of his and wow.  The kitchen is right there and they create these masterpieces right in front of you, it is a great way to see how well a kitchen works, not that crap you see on tv these days.


2009-10-15 - We watched the fireworks one night from the top of the Contemporary Resort.  At dinner time we finished our meal then headed out to the viewing stand on the right - there are two.  The one on the right is less crowded and if you go out to the end you can see perfectly.  It was so great, seeing all the fireworks and hearing the music piped in behind us.  When we returned the desserts were all out on the table waiting for us.  The food was fantastic and our server Jenny made us feel really special.  The highlight of the night was the Firecracker Sauce that was on the California roll sushi.  It was so tasty and it had scallops in the sauce.  The filets were coated with a fantastic sauce and cooked so perfectly.  I had the best scallops with Gnocchi.  The desserts were so good.  I dont think that they would make a bad dessert.  I sent the kids up to watch the sushi being made.  All the chefs work in an open kitchen and there are at least 20 of them all working together.  The kids saw a smoked eel being peeled and they rushed back to the table.  Where else are they going to get that kind of experience?  The whole meal was a true fine dining experience and we had a ball.


2009-08-30 - One of the restaurants that we are going to go to is a fine dining restaurant that we have been to before - The California Grill.  It is very fancy dancy and yet is very fun.  The food is absolutely spectacular,  sushi, fish, meats and sauces.  It is all the best of everything.  It is also at the top of the Contemporary resort.  What we have done is plan our dinner on a night when the fireworks are on.  You can check on for timetables that tell what day and time the fireworks happen.  We also found out when the fireworks for the Not So Scary Halloween party is on because they are the very best that I have ever seen.  At the end of dinner you can go out on the roof walkway and listen to the music that is piped out to the guests and watch spectacular fireworks from one of the best locations on the property.  Narcossee's at the Grand Floridian offers the same thing from water level.



Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge - This is a wonderful buffet style restaurant.  Dinner in the parks on the 2nd last night fell apart due to the rain so we ate at Boma.  The food was exceptional.  The roast beef was so tasty and tender.  There were so many selections.  The soups were great.  The Seafood stew was my choice but there were several others that looked good.  I highly recommend it this restaurant.  Make sure that you have priority seating arranged an still you will wait half an hour to get in.  it is just that popular.  The selections are wonderful and plentiful.  Do not get scared off by the advertising that mentions African spices.  The spicing is very interesting but not overpowering.  You can avoid dips that they offer if that is your choice.  The meats and soups and salads and breads were great.  All you can drink fruit punch - Jambo Juice rocks.


Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge - We have eaten here regularly because it does not disappoint.  From hand carved roast beef with a tasty crust to glorious peanut rice to seafood curry soup to die for to little sample desserts to try many of them there is something wonderful for everyone.  Based in African flavours yet American enough to satisfy everyone, this is a great place to eat.  You go pick what you want and try something new.  Go visit this resort to have this dinner then go outside and watch the animals moving around with the night time vision glasses.  This is a resort and restaurant to visit.  It gets full so book early.



 2010-09-14 - Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge - We always enjoy this buffet for about 30.00 each.  They have African inspired food.  Cous Cous, beef, chicken, coconut rice etc.  Flatbreads with various tasty spreads and lots and lots of variety in desserts.  Little tasty morsels of dessert.  My prime rib was so tender I cut it with my fork.  I found the mac and cheese to be tastless this trip.  The soup was peanut soup and while nice was not as good as their standard carrot and ginger which is fantastic.  They wanted to try something different and it did not work.  The food here is very good, the ambiance is great and the service is great.  Well worth the money.


Boma  at Animal Kingdom Lodge is another fun restaurant.  More for what is available and the ambience than the servers.  The food is based on traditional African food.  They have Potatoes with Afritude, Durban Spiced Roasted Chicken, Malibu Pepper Steak, Grilled Seafood, Wood Roasted Meats, Bobotie - lamb and beef quiche with onions, raisins and bread, Vegetable Skewers, Chicken Pepper Pot, Coconut Curried Chicken Soup, Curried Coconut Seafood Stew, Couscous Marrakesh.  They do a fantastic selection of deserts and crispy breads with things like hummus.  Dont be frightened off by the names of the foods, they also have prime rib and other things.  The favourite things this time were the roast beef and the macaroni and cheese.  The carrot and ginger soup is always the best smoothest and creamiest thing on the menu.

Paradiso 37 at Disney Springs - The last night we went to Paradiso 37 at Disney Springs for dinner.  We enjoyed our meals as they were very tasty.  They had a biggest selection of tequila's that i have ever seen.  They use real limes in their Margueritas and they were excellent.

Plaza Restaurant on Main Street in Magic Kingdom - We did have an earliy reservation at the Plaza on Main Street in Magic Kingdom which we missed so when we were freezing at 9:00 pm and waiting to use a fastpass we went there and they were not going to let us in.  But because we had a reservation that we missed they let us in.  The soup was bad but the burgers and fries were very good.  So make dinner priority seating and cover your butts to get somewhere good to eat.

The Whispering Canyon at The Wilderness Inn - is an all you can eat waitress served family style meal.  The meal is fantastic and the stuff for kids is unforgettable.  Parents - ask for the ketchup or more butter and wait to be embarrassed in a very fun way, the kids will love it!!!!  In the Wilderness Inn they have a fun fun place especially for young kids called Whispering Canyon Cafe.  All the servers work hard to make it fun.  Our server for two experiences was Candy.  She was beyond great.  The food is served family style to the lazy susan in the middle of the table.  Huge unlimited quantities of Smoked Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Oven-roasted Chicken, Beef Brisket, Mashed Potatoes, Cowboy Beans, and Corn on the Cob Mixed Greens Salad with Apple Vinaigrette, Coleslaw, and Fresh-baked Cornbread.  When you ask for ketchup they make a big deal of it.  They yell who has the ketchup and the table with the 15 bottles of ketchup on it deliver it to the next family that wants the ketchup.  They bring it all together with bottles under every arm.  It is really fun.  Then if you ask for butter they will go and get huge quantities of butter and yell as they deliver it saying "Lisa wants the butter". When the next unsuspecting family wants the ketchup you had better be ready with the ketchup or you will get really embarrassed.  The food is really really good.


Artists Point at The Wilderness Inn - is fine dining and the food and service certainly reflects that.  Dress for the evening is very relaxed.



Bongos Cuban Cafe - Disney West Side - not a fan.  My shrimp in a garlic sauce was really good but not a fan of the deep fried plantains, nope no taste.  The chicken thing that my wife had lacked flavour.  More deep fried plantains.  My son ordered the deep fried steak.  It was huge and hugely deep fried.  Had to try it he said and he wasn't disappointed but not a fan.  He said that it tasted like beef covered in deep fried batter.  People around us appeared to be more or less Cuban and seemed to be enjoying their food.  Perhaps they ordered better than we did.  There was a set up for entertainment but they never came out.  Wont go back, ever.

Le Cellier - Epcot - Canada Pavillion - Food was really great - best filet ever.  The reason for going for lunch is two fold, you can get in if you book far enough in advance.  Second, the food at lunch is smaller sized and smaller priced.  It makes the experience much better so we booked later for lunch, 2:30 so we used it as part of dinner.  The steak is smaller in size but not in flavour or tenderness, it was great.  The poutine was more chedder than we expected but we really enjoyed it.  We loved the breads, especially the pretzel stick bread.  Just ask for more.  Cheddar cheese soup was so good that later I bought a Disney Recipe book because the soup was on the cover.  The only draw back and surprise at the same time was that I ordered a Caesar drink to be funny and they said sure.  When they brought it we were thrilled.  I was made with that thin Coke gun product that really sucks, they didnt use Clamato so neither of us finished our drink.  Highly recommend this place.  On the dining plan this is a signature restaurant due to its popularity but if you go for lunch it is only one meal.

Beaches and Cream - Beach Club Resort - I highly recommend the  Beaches and Cream restaurant for dinner or lunch or a snack.  The steak sandwich is very good, burgers are good, onion rings are good but the ice cream is the best anywhere.  If you are more than four people order the Kitchen Sink.  There are 8 scoops of ice cream in a little model of a kitchen sink.  Then they start adding all the toppings in the place.  Carmel, hot fudge, chocolate sauce, nuts, everything, including a handful or two of marachino cherries.  To end it all off they empty an entire can of whipped cream on top then some oreo cookies and to top it all off they lower the lights and bring the music up and carry the Kitchen Sink out to the table.  They do it 5 or 6 times while you are there so it is not a big surprise but if you could surprise your family it would be fantastic.  Its only like 15.00 or something like that.


Beaches and Cream.  It has the best treat I have ever seen.  It is a little copy of an actual kitchen sink and it is filled with ice cream and each and every topping that they have.  If you order this the lights come down and the treat is delivered with special music playing with sparklers in the ice cream.  If you happen to be a family of 3 or 4 you will immediately realize that you made a mistake, cause it feeds 8,  and want to back out of the place but don't, stay and enjoy and wait cause someone else is just about to order it too.  It is really huge and really funny.


Ice Cream Creations


Hand scooped ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee, Butter Pecan, Orange Sherbet, Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and Fat-free No Sugar Added Vanilla


Kitchen Sink - Eight Scoops of Ice Cream served with all the Toppings in the house and a whole can of Whipped Cream $21.99


Ice Cream Cup or Sugar Cone  - Single Scoop $2.69; Double Scoop $3.99


Waffle Cone Single Scoop $2.99; Double Scoop $4.39


Old-Fashioned Sundae - Choice of one of the following toppings: Marshmallow, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge, Butterscotch, or Chocolate Syrup topped with Whipped Cream, Toasted Almonds and A Cherry. Two Scoops ($5.99) or 3 Scoops of ice cream ($7.99); Extra Toppings $.99 each


Classic Banana Split - ripe banana, three scoops or ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), pineapple, strawberry and marshmallow topping, finished off with hot fudge, butterscotch, toasted almonds, whipped cream and a cherry $7.99


Strawberry Shortcake - Slice of Angel Food Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Topping, Whipped Cream, Rainbow Sprinkles and a Cherry $5.99


Milkshakes & Malts - your choice of ice cream topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry $4.99


Crystal Palace - Magic Kingdom - well, it is official, I think that I am too old for the Crystal Palace.  The food was less entertaining, the quality less impressive and the service staff less than perfect.  It was ok, don't get me wrong but maybe not worth the long waits.  I asked the waitress what cut of roast it was and she went away and upon return replied: I asked the chef and the cut, sir, was beef.  She was so impressed  with herself.  Nice seeing Winnie and Piglet but the funniest was when I asked the kids and Eyore to look sad and they did for that picture, then I asked them to look happy and Eeyore lifted up his nose and sure enough the stitching for his mouth made it look like he was smiling.  I laughed all day at that.  Yes I am an adult.  They have a desert bar with soft ice cream.  They have a full range of all the kids favourites and a good selection of salads and hot dishes.  We were there for lunch and I though the adult selection was not as good as before.  Probably because it was lunch.  I was looking forward to the flat steak.

Via Napoli - Italian Pavilion at Epcot - Good Lord don't take your wife there.  The YOUNG men are so Italian studlies.  I couldn't distract her at all with my wit or good looks.  The two of them drooled the whole day after that.  The food is great.  Get the extra cheese, fontina, on your pizza and enjoy a little oil with your dinner.  It adds so much flavour.  The crust is thick over here and thin over there, a little overcooked here and under cooked there.  That made it so fantastic that we all loved it.  Who wants boring perfect pizza, give me hand made pizza any day.  The salad was underwhelming.  Did I mention the boy waiters from Italy?  Geez don't let your wife drink in there.

Teppan Edo - in the Japanese Pavillion - Epcot - And here all the girls are completely wrapped in kimonos and more, not fair in comparison to the Via Napoli.  The table was filled with another Canadian family so we had a great time passing off hints and cheats for enjoying your visit to Disney.  We told stories and laughed.  The chef mixed up our order three or four times due to language difficulties and us changing our orders.  Disney daughter ordered sirloin which I bumped up to filet and I think that threw them all off and things started spiralling down.  DS got shrimp, ohh the horror.  I got that changed immediately and was the beneficiary of the mistake and got the shrimp to go with my scallops.  Don't ever let the small stuff get under your skin.  We laughed about it, the staff fixed it and we had a perfect night.  DW said that she would go there for dinner every night.  She had been hesitant about going but loved it and will return there every trip.  Yes, Danny Thomas, you were right, it was so much fun and the food was great.


Teppan Edo - Epcot Japan Pavillion - We really enjoy this night.  DM just loves the food.  It is the show that I like.  You can share a table with fun people or people who dont like to talk.  It is a chance that you take.  We shared with the latter this time - oh well we had fun and didnt have to say good bye when we left.  The fellow cooks on a cooking surface level with your table top.  He does fun things with his salt and pepper shakers which I personally think are empty, he cuts things loudly, he throws things around, flips food from here to there and he builds a volcano out of onion.  It is predictable and the food is good but not enough.  Oh well, I was full about an hour later.  It is a really good show and we will return year after year because it is the perfect food for DM.  She loves the lightness of the cooking, the perfection of the scallops, and the amount of food is great for her. Fun for the entire family.  It is a great cultural experience.  I am trying to get DM to bow like that in her geisha costume for me, not going to happen.


Shula's Steakhouse - Swan and Dolphin Resort - a mans restaurant.  The manliness oozed from the wood wainscotting and the football pictures on all the walls.  The table was set perfectly, the service beyond belief, the food was great.  We dressed in suit coats, no ties and dresses for the evening and we felt perfectly at home.  The steaks were gigantic but not seasoned on the outside.  Perhaps more flaming to carmelize or seasoning would be nice but they were really good.  We ordered 4 sides and loved the bread almost as much as the entire dinner.  The sides were huge and went unfinished.  The desserts were gigantic and marvelous.  9" of creme brule with a perfect crust on the sugar.  A lava cake to die for, huge and full of the most beautiful chocolate filling.  He opened the side of it and the top of it and poured Creme Englais in the top forcing the chocolate to flow like lava.  We loved this place.

O'Hana - Polynesian Resort The food is always good there.  The style of eating is very relaxed.  We might have had our fill for a while though.  Nothing was new and we just didn't feel it that night.  Good food, first time visitors a must see.

Victoria and Alberts - Grand Floridian Resort I dont think that I can discuss how wonderful this dinner was without more time to go over the menu.  Not enough time tonight so come back later and I will spend enough time to do it justice.  Just haven't had time to get back to this but the meal was heavenly and the service was so impressive.  We had things that we had never had before and loved it all.  Abalone, Octopus, Buffalo.  Desserts were a hit.  Update:  I don't have enough time to do it justice again today 2012-09-16 - Just let me say that my DS was working in a so so restaurant with a nice chef so he was confused about loyalty and food that was ok - so I wanted them to see what was the very best that he could ever see so we included the two children in our plans for the evening.  DW really couldnt care less about great food but I live for it.  My kids were 13 and 16 and had been in great/good restaurants everywhere that we have been.  For them this was the ultimate.  We dressed up for the night.  We walked into the room and wow.  I have always remembered the giant vase in the middle of the room because it was so magnificent.  The service while very professional is not really friendly, buddy buddy which is just fine.  It sets the tone for the evening.  The secondary waitress was much friendlier and made us feel more comfortable.  You find a menu at your place setting that sets out the options for your feast.  Remember that most servings are very small so you will not fill up by having many servings.  I will come back another time to fill in what we had but suffice it to say that when all the waiters came out in their white gloves for the soup service my family went crazy, albeit quietly.  It was our best food experience ever.

Sanaa Restaurant at Kidani Village in Animal Kingdom Lodge - 2010-09-14 - This restaurant has the greatest ambiance you can imagine.  The smell from the Tandoori ovens was lightly wafting in the room.  It is so pretty in the room.  The big windows all along the side of the restaurant provide a wonderful view of the savanah.  While we were there three giraffe came up to within 10 feet of the windows and 2 more passed by as well.  The servers costumes were just rated number one by a service industry magazine as being the best in America.  The servers know their stuff.  Ask any question you like and they will help you to select a good meal.  This is an India based African influenced meal.  It is not burgers and fries.  The experience is well worth the trip but keep your mind open to trying new things.  All the websites recommend the Beef Short Ribs as a gastronomic delight - I thought that they were over praised.  They are good but not special.  I thought the chicken in red curry was very good, much like a butter chicken.  The breads with dips were really good.

 Portobello Restaurant 2009-10-15 -was really a fun time.  The food was great.  The bread was accompanied by fine olive oil and a baked whole garlic bud.  We asked for butter as well and they happily provided it.  The bread was crusty and chewy.  We had wanted to order the 48 oz porterhouse but not enough people ordered it so it has been replaced by a T-Bone.  I had the Sambuca Shrimp and I really enjoyed it.  It was flambed at the table, the potato under the shrimp was slightly stuck to the cast iron pan and soaked in the oil and then the sambuca.  The shrimp were perfect and the dish was great.  The Caesar Salad was really good, but for Grand Bend people, not as good as Erryns at F.I.N.E. but what is?  The Mozzarella Stuffed Rice Balls were really tasty but I needed a little salt to bring out all the flavours.  The Farfalle with chicken needed a little salt as well but was very tasty.  I had the Shrimp with Black Linguini and I really enjoyed it.  It was in a seafood sauce that was very tasty and perhaps even healthy.  Certainly healthier than the cream sauces.  The Filet was pronounced the best steak our guest had ever had.  The roasted garlic whipped potatoes were ordered as a side and it was also very good.  The Tiramisu Martini was very good, as they

Earl of Sandwich Downtown Disney -  2009-09-19 -  In my opinion the best sandwich shop on the property is at Downtown Disney.  It is called the Earl of Sandwich.  The sandwich was invented by a guy who was playing poker and he did not want to leave the table so he ordered his servants to cut some meat and some bread and put it together so that he could hold it in one hand.  The man was the Earl of Sandwich and his ancestor/heir has opened this restaurant in Disney.  I highly recommend the steak/roast beef and brie sandwich and their soups are unbelievably good.  I highly recommend this spot.  They make each and every sandwich to order on fresh bread.  They also have fresh fruit and deserts.  They are pretty standard, their focus is on the sandwiches.   We went there again this trip and were not disappointed.  They take the dining plan as a counter meal.

2009-09-14 - Landry restaurants have 4 spots on Disney Properties: Rainforest Downtown Disney, Rainforest Animal Kingdom, Yak & Yeti and T-Rex - 3 are great and deserve a visit but one was too pricey and not very showy.  The themeing in T-Rex is a miss.  It really disappoints if you have been to Rainforest Cafe.  It seems to be a poorer cousin rather than a brother.  If you have not been to Rainforest Cafe and you have little ones then now is the time to go.  The food is great and plentiful.  The temperature in the restaurant is very chilly, watch out if you are damp and/or sweating cause you could get sick like we did. Don't have the Paella, i did not see any evidence of saffron.  Do order the Volcano for desert if you like chocolate, brownies and ice cream.  Yak & Yeti is not traditional American Chinese food with red candy sauce.  But it is more like traditional Chinese ethnic food or Thai.  The dim sum basket gives you a sample of the quality.  It is very good, not great but very good.  I recommend it if you like good Chinese traditional style food.  I read that you should avoid the Vietnamese Pao as it is not very good.  Everything on our table was very good and we enjoyed it a lot.  Service was very good.  The non alchoholic drinks were a treat.


The best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom for little ones is arguably the Castle. It is great for little girls because the Princesses all come to your table for a small visit and picture.  Sit on the inside and put the kids on the outside and get every picture that you can - we still treasure them.  The Castle is fantastic for little girls because all the Princesses come to your table for pictures.  Make sure the person with the camera sits on the inside.  They will pose toward you with each child and you get the picture of a lifetime.  I know that I did.  It is just the best time.  The breakfast is really good all you can eat table served.  Sometimes the princes come along as well.  If you remember their actual names rather than Prince Charming etc they get a real charge out of that.  To get a morning seating you have to call the dining reservation line exactly 180 days out and exactly at 7 in the morning.  Don't be impolite but be straight forward when you get through to the reservation agent.  Say "Good Morning reservations for breakfast at the castle on 15 September at 10:00 am.  Then wait and she will bring up the booking page and try to grab you a spot.  It is hard to get because there are 100-700 booking agents and all of them are talking to people who want those reservations.  If she gets you a spot then she will get the information from you.  You may have to try this on several days.  They have changed the rules so on the first day of your holiday minus 180 days out you can book your all the holiday meals for the entire week of your holidays.   That is a recent change.  I don't know if that works for the Castle breakfast though.  My secret for getting that reservation is to get a atomic clock on the computer to show me the time in Orlando then I call and listen to the message that plays at 6:30 that tells you when the reservations opens.  When you call at 7 and you get that message you hang up immediately and hit redial.  When the message changes you are into the reservations.  Time is of the essence to please your little girl.  Speak clearly and do not make nice conversation cause.

Liberty Tree Tavern - Magic Kingdom - 2009-08-30 - We are going to go to one of the neatest restaurants in the Magic Kingdom for Thanksgiving dinner, pot roast, ham, Stouffers macaroni and cheese, mashed potatos, pop and desert.  The Liberty Tree Tavern is a price fixed all inclusive all you can eat restaurant.  It is table service not buffet.   It used to be a Character Meal but that was cancelled.  The rumour is that the characters will return some time in the future because they lost so much business.  The reason that I like this restaurant is because it is just like home cooked food.  After you have eaten fries and pretzels and burgers for a  long time while on holiday, or eaten really fancy food in all the finest deluxe restaurants it is just nice to come back for food that you have at home.  Dinner was fantastic.  They knew exactly how much food to put on our table.  We only asked for more macaroni and we were all stuffed.  That amazed us.  I highly recommend this restaurant.

 Update:  We had a great meal on Not So Scary Halloween night - our server was a ghoul and he kept bothering the boys who sat on the outside of the table.  The boys loved it and we had the best time.  However - and it is a big one - we wasted a lot of time at dinner, an hour and a half.  That cut into the rides and we missed most of the parade.  My suggestion is to eat before the 7:00 start time.  Also, we went into the park at 6:00 or a little before.  That gave us an extra hour.

Dinner at Epcot - 2009-09-13 - If you want to have really great aged Angus steak then you want to go to the Canada Pavilion.  If you want to go there you have to book exactly 180 days away from your trip.  Use this calculator - - and it will tell you exactly the day that you need to call to make all of your weeks reservations.  Priority seating means that when you arrive at the podium at the restaurant you will get the very next seat that comes available that suits your needs.  Our favourites in Epcot are the Italian, Canadian, French and British Pub.  I would love to go to the Chinese but nobody else will.  The German is a nice self serve buffet with the German Ompapa band but it isn't our cup of beer!  We were going to go to the Japanese restaurant - Tempani - but bailed until next time.  I understand that Coral Reef is great but we haven't been there since our honeymoon and cannot really remember the food.  If you want to read the menus go to - these are pretty close to what is being served.  Be careful at the Chinese because they have a take out counter service meal but that is not the main dining room.  The really good restaurant with Dim Sum and all the traditional Chinese is the Restaurant inside the Pavilion.  From all accounts it is really good traditional Chinese food.  All the staff in the restaurants are from the country of the Pavilion.  In France we ordered in French and practiced our French with the server.  It made her day.  Then she practiced her English with us.  It was fun.  In Italy they have a really nice restaurant with traditional Italian dishes.  Outside the British pub is a fish and chips stand that is really great.  Very reasonable prices.  Banger and Mash, fish and chips, kidney pie etc are served inside the restaurant. France has great Filet, Escargot (one time it was the best I ever had, the next time not so much).  French Onion soup is good too.

Tomorrow Land Noodle Station - Magic Kingdom - This is a great surprise -  It is worth a visit for the following for lunch.  Don't be late or it turns into a dinner location and they shut down


Chicken Noodle Bowl - with broth $7.99


Vegetable Noodle Bowl - with Tofu $6.99


Six Piece Chicken Breast Nuggets - with french fries or apple slices $6.89


Eight Piece Chicken Breast Nuggets - with french fries or apple slices) $7.69


Orange Chicken - with Steamed Rice $7.99


Beef and Broccoli - with Steamed Rice $7.99 (Personal favourite)


Caesar Salad - with chicken $7.19


Tofu - with Steamed Rice $7.59


May 2017 - Back to Disney and where to eat.  I ordered in breakfast and lunch cooking materials from GreenGrocer in Orlando.  You pick your foods and for a small charge they will deliver it to your hotel.  You get the bell man to bring it over to your room.  Tip can be handled when you order in advance.  The selection is extensive.  So much cheaper to make breakfast in your room and make sandwiches for around the pool or in the park.  Get the heavy stuff like pop and beer as well.  Then for dinner we go to somewhere special.  Here is what we have picked for this trip:

First night - we will go to Disney Springs and pick one from DeLux Burger, Blaze Pizza, Homecoming by Art Smith, Smokehouse

Second Night - Disney Springs for Raglan Road Irish Pub.  The dancers are great and the food is really good and the beer...

Third Night - The Boathouse - great ambience, great service, great food - need I say more - they raise their own cattle for steaks

Fourth Night - Disney West Side for Splitsville - Bowling establishment - food is really big, interesting, fun and really really good - Sushi bar is upstairs.

Fifth Night - Yak and Yeti in Disney Animal Kingdom. - Really cool food

Sixth Night - Via Napoli at Epcot for really fabulous pizza - wood fired

Seventh Night - Trattatori Al Forno at Boardwalk for Italian pasta and mozzerella and Steak


May 2018 - Back to Disney and where to eat?  We are staying in a One Bedroom Villa at Old Key West.  That gives us a full kitchen and allows us to save money on breakfasts and lunches.  We can make our own.  We are adults.  We have eaten enough junk in Disney.  We will leave Junk Food for just treats.  So we went to and preorder  our supplies for the kitchen.  All lunch materials, beer and liquor.  They deliver the food to the Bell Station.  We call over to them and have the bellman deliver it to our room.  We put it away.  You tip them greengrocer driver right on the order form and then tip the bellman.  But if you order far enough in advance you save 10 percent on your total order so that kind of makes up the tip.  OKW is linked to Disney Springs by bus and ferry.  Both can be picked up at the Hospitality House so easily.  It depends on where in Disney Springs you want to start.  I prefer the  ferry each and every time.  There are so many great restaurants opening in Disney Springs in 2018 - It is just amazing.  I imagine that everyone from Orlando comes here now.  Shopping, street entertainment and food - absolutely fantastic.  Here is where we plan to eat while we are there:

First Night -  Pizza Ponte in the new Edison Complex - no reservations at DS - Pizza by the slice - fresh sliced sandwiches - pastries

Second Night - Art Smiths Homecoming - DS - great fried chicken - new restaurant

Third Night - Chefs de France - Epcot - great french cooking - French Onion Soup - Escargot - Filet - sauces - breads

Fourth Night - Polite Pig - DS - no reservations - pulled pork - ribs etc.

Fifth Night - Boathouse Dining Hall - Port Orleans - Always wanted to see resort - Prime Rib

Sixth Night - Liberty Tree Tavern - Magic Kingdom - a favourite all you can eat

Seventh Night - Tusker House - Animal Kingdom - great character all you can eat - seating for Light Show.

I will report in when we return