Our firm started 20 years ago as a fair priced service to the community. We wanted our neighbours to thrive and if that were possible then everyone in town would benefit. We have kept our prices low and we have kept our personal involvement with the town intense. Through our sister page at Facebook we promote activities, the beauty of the sunsets and individual businesses on a daily basis. At that page alone we have nearly 6000 members. We very often have over 20,000 views a week, sometimes as high as 100,000.

We have millions of hits per year to Not everyone stays and runs through our pages but thousands do daily. We want people to get interested enough about our town to drive them to visit us. We keep the pages simple for one reason – It is your business that you want them to explore through your web page. Let them learn about the town but sell them your hotel, restaurant, store, activity or golf course. Once they are convinced to come here, then get them to your pages as quickly as possible. That is what our web page does.

We have just upgraded our web design system to WordPress and as I learn it we will convert our pages to make the flow to your website more interesting.

Our costs are simple as well: 2019 Prices

Billing is from April 1 of the year to March 31st of the next year.

A link to your webpage is $85.00 plus hst.

A Banner Ad with link to your webpage is $85.00 plus hst additionally

A link to your webpage that we host on our server is $135.00 plus hst.

We are happy to build a webpage for you. Our price for that is $150.00 to $500.00 depending on how involved the page is. That price includes the $135.00 for hosting your site for one year. After that it is just the $135.00 if it is on our server.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, but we prefer that you complete an etransfer to

What People Say

We had no renters for our bed and breakfast before you built our site. In one week we sold out.

Please remove our email address until next year. We are already sold out for the summer.

The constant supply on Facebook of things to do in town helps us entertain the kids.

Let’s build something together.