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 We have had over 800,000 hits in our last 12 months and over 8,000,000 in ten years.


Most of our visitors came to  www.grandbend.com by searching on Google.  If you notice, we are the first listing available when queried on Google or Bing by the key words "grand bend".


Our visitors are looking for places to stay, stores to shop in, golf courses to play, restaurants to eat in and places to visit to have fun.


If your web page does not have a link on  www.grandbend.com then how are the visitors going to find you?  Locals are looking for information as well.


Give us a call, we can put your listing up immediately.  Let the Internet Superhighway work for you.  Be a part of the visitors plans when they get to Grand Bend.


The web site development and hosting prices as of April 1, 2019 will be as follows;


Service Page Size Price


Setting up a small web page  - Consisting of one page with several pictures and text set up.  $200.00


Building a web presence Medium - Consisting of 10-15 pictures (which we take), multiple links, your company logo and 10-12  pages of writing set up on your own server web site. $250.00


Create an Extensive Web Site Large - Consisting of an unlimited number of photo's, multiple links (whatever may be required), your company logo and an unlimited number of pages of writing, set up with own domain name. $350.00 to $500.00


The cost for hosting your web site on the Grand Bend Page is $90.00 per year.

Have your existing page linked to the Grand Bend Home Page for only $80.00 per year.


There is also a $25.00 per hour fee for revisions to an existing page.


Contact us at:


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